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Rodrigo Pierini (also known as RPierini) is currently a Network Administrator @ CPQBA – UNICAMP in Brazil, a public high school and university in the state of São Paulo, where works mostly administrating the network infrastructure and servers and coordinating the IT team from the institution;

He’s also a MSc student @ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computation (FEEC) at UNICAMP in Campinas, where he develops projects mostly about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Information Security as a member of the Information and Network Techonologies Research and Innovation Group (INTRIG) led by professor Dr. Christian Esteve Rothenberg.

His main life goal is to become a teacher at an University, teaching classes related to Information Technology and Security. He was a teacher @ IFSP – Hortolândia for around 2 years (2016 and 2017) where he taught Computer Maintenance, Basic Informatics, Linux Servers, Information Security and Shell Scripting classes. He also lectured in technologies events held at IFSP – Hortolândia in the topics of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), Social Engineering, Access Control, Criptography and Microservices with Docker.

He also was an informatics’ laboratory technician @ IFSP – Hortolândia from 2013 to 2023. His attributions there was very wide, varying from IT support, planning, computer and software maintenance, network and system administrator and system maintenance.

If you wanna know more about him, take a look at his profile @ social medias.

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About this site

I was trying to find a way for documentating my studies and fixing better my knowledge, but also create a kind of open portifolio from my work. Mostly of what I will be posting here is related to what I’ve been doing, studying or teaching.

I hope to keep a daily-basis posting routine, but I may be unable to keep it once my job or studies start demanding more from me. If you’re interested in some topic in IT, computer networks or related and would like a post specifically about this theme, let me know through the Contact page and maybe I can help you with that =)