A new abstraction layer?

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I decided to make a more opinion-related post this time after reading about a new tool that makes the coding process “easier” with the help of AI.

There’s a tool at Github called e2b (English to Bit). It claims to be an IDE with the help of AI for generating code based on high-level definitions of the process to be coded. You’d write your HLD of the program or component you need to develop for your system and the AI will generate the code for you.

Let’s first think about that again: It really seems great, it really seems more inclusive for people that can’t spend too much time learning how to write code or a new language to be able to put their ideas in practice. But we’re adding a new abstraction layer to the working of the computer itself. Of course, you don’t need to know all the technologic stack that makes a computer work to write code, and most of time it’s better for you to focus on one level of the stack to make a better result overall.

Yet, I feel like we’d be adding a new definition to the expression “bit brushing”, now we’d be having the “code brushing” guy who still works on code instead of documentation to be processed by AI. We forget that what makes things better are the details, not the overall ideas: the more you’re able of handling the little details of the whole stack, the more optimized your whole solution would be.

That’s all for now, folks!

Well, just wanted to leave some opinion here, get something out of my mind and update the blog that has been a little left aside these last days. I have been really busy with overall work and projects (It has been almost a month since I had a day off hahaha) but everything will get better soon =)


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