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It has been a long time since my last post, on fev 25th, but mainly because a lot of things has been going on these last days. I’ll try to cover some of those through this topic.

First of all, I’m changing jobs! I’ll end my job at IFSP on Mar 14th and will start at UNICAMP on Mar 15th. I’ll be allocated in a research center specialized in chemistry, biology and agriculture, where I’ll be taking care of basically everything IT-related for at least the first months, until I wait for a new support technician to come and help me. It’ll be a change in pace, since there’s basically only few post-grad students doing research projects, so I’ll be handling around 1300 users to something about 30 or 40 users. It’s a lot different haha.

Since I’m a coordinator at IFSP, I have to handle all the pending demands and make them easier to get going when the new coordinator take place, which I hope will be the next day I’m out, so I’m rushing a lot of things during the day and feeling exhausted after work, so I haven’t been able to make posts during this time. Since I’m close to ending what I can do for now, I think I’ll start having a little more time for posting.

Besides that, one of the projects I’ve been working with INTRIG is in it’s last months, so we’re rushing with a lot of things for the final presentation and knowledge transfer to the company funding the research, so it has been requiring a lot of time and study to get everything ready and as good as possible for this last step. Concurrently, I’m also working in another project with the team where we’re about to make the first deliverables of the project, so I’ve also been spending some time in building up reports related to the project’s content, what also requires some time and study.

And, one not so good news, I had a car crash last weekend, so I’m dealing with insurance and other bureaucracy to get it solved as soon as possible. I didn’t hurt myself and was alone at the car during the accident, but I think it’ll be a total car loss, so there’s a lot of things I’ll have to deal with. Have been thinking about the car subscription option from some car rent companies in my country, but still studying every little “between the lines” in the contract before making a decision.

That’s all for now, folks!

I’ll try to get back to posting regularly as soon as I can, I just need to some things adjust in my life, and then I’ll be back to it as active as I can!


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